13 - 15 ottobre 2023

Friday, October 13th

17:00 Registration @ Infopoint - Parco Natura Viva
18:00 Icebreaker @ Simba Restaurant - Parco Natura Viva
  Barberini F.
Il mio viaggio

Saturday, October 14th

8:30 Registration @ Scatolificio del Garda
  Go to the Conference Room @Sandri Room - SDG
9:00 Welcome & Opening
  Welcome from the Authorities
Cesare Avesani Zaborra
Conservation in action
10:00 Human-Animal Coexistence
10:00 Galaverni M.
Where are the sapiens? Across mass extinctions, global biodiversity frameworks and how to save our life on the planet
10:40 Sammuri G. 
Management of alien species and conservation priorities in Italian national park
11:00 Coffee Break & Poster session @SDG
11:30 Europe Rewilding Projects
11:30 Aldea A.
Făgăraș Mountains become home for European bison
12:10 Bulacu A. et al.
Recovering of the European bison (Bison bonasus) and European mink populations, from ex-situ to in-situ
12:40 Duma A. et al.
Restoring the European mink (Mustela lutreola) in the Romanian Carpathians: out of the office and into the field
12:55 Ferrari C.
LutrAlps: an Alpine network for a common strategy between borders
13:10 Padulosi E. et al.
Show yourself, and I'll tell you who you are: analysis of digital scale patterns and facial features for individual recognition in turkey vultures, Cathartes aura
13:25 Discussion
13:30 Group Photo and Lunch @Simba Restaurant – Parco Natura Viva
15:00 Conservation Ethics & Tools
15:00 De Mori B.
The role of ethical analysis in conservation
15:30 Di Vincenzo L. et al.
Enhancing conservation strategies: the role of multimodal shift in reintroduction and repopulation
15:50 Collarini E. et al.
Assessing eco-ethological parameters to limit the impact of domestic pigs (Sus scrofa) on protected natural areas: an unusual conservation issue
16:10 Torti V. et al.
Measuring the impact of the Maromizaha NPA in situ conservation project on habitat and lemurs
16:30 Coffee break & Poster session @SDG
17:00 Welfare for Conservation
17:00 Norscia I., Cordoni G. et al.
Social play in African savannah elephants: a tool to evaluate ex-situ welfare and promote conservation
17:20 Cordoni G. et al.
Captive chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) successfully cope with social challenges: an example of high welfare ex-situ primate management and conservation.
17:40 Vadalà M. et al.
Observing parental care for the conservation of the critically endangered red-headed vulture (Sarcogyps calvus)
18:00 Salvatori M. et al.
The effect of livestock on the snow leopard (Panthera uncia) and other mammals in the Mongolian Altai Mountains
18:30 Public Lecture
18:30 Gamba M.
Forget the lyrics: le origini della musicalità ci lasciano senza parole
19:00 Seychelles Project @ House of Giants – Parco Natura Viva
20:00 Social Dinner @Simba Restaurant – Parco Natura Viva


Sunday, October 15th

8:30 Registration @SDG
9:00 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony & Group Photo @Parco Natura Viva
9:45 World Conservation Projects
9:45 Weerman J.
Research, community-based conservation efforts and augmentation program of the red panda (Ailurus fulgens)
10:25 Andreone F. et al.
Assessment of the population status of the harlequin mantella, Mantella cowanii, an IUCN red-listed endangered Madagascar frog species
10:45 Mercugliano E. et al.
Human dimensions and park visitors’ knowledge and attitudes toward freshwater crayfish conservation initiatives in a protected area
11:00 Coffee break & Poster session @SDG
11:30 Madagascar Conservation Projects
11:30 Giacoma C. et al.
Can researchers be a driver of sustainable development for local communities? The case of Maromizaha NPA, in Madagascar
12:10 Valente D. et al.
Automated detection of Indri songs for passive acoustic monitoring
12:30 Carugati F. et al.
Discrimination between the facial gestures of vocalizing and non-vocalizing lemurs and small apes using deep learning
12:50 Arnoult O.
Ex situ conservation of Madagascar endemic plants: a new initiative to protect Madagascar Flora through the Conservatoire Botanique de Madagascar
13:10 Ciofi C.
The Komodo dragon conservation project: Flores programme
13:40 Group Photo & Lunch @Simba Restaurant - Parco Natura Viva
14:50 Micro to Macro aspects of Conservation
14:50 Delogu M.
How invasive species can affect conservation: bioecological aspects from diseases to populations
15:20 Scaravelli D. et al.
Monks at the zoo: nests and environmental selection of Myiopsitta monachus in Parco Natura Viva
15:40 Mattarelli P. et al.
Metabarcoding analyses for intestinal microbiota can be valuable tool in animal conservation: the example of the critically endangered bat Coleura seychellensis
16:00 Dell’Aira K. et al.
Telling “10 storie di successo (10 success stories)” to highlight the role of Italian zoos and aquaria in reversing the red
16:15 Tezza M. et al.
Teens and conservation: the importance of the internship for the involvement of young people in conservation. The example of the soundiversity project in Parco Natura Viva
16:30 Coffee break & Poster session @SDG
17:00 Closing Session and Best Posters and Talks





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