7 - 9 ottobre 2022

Friday, October 7

13:00 Welcome and Registration @Infopoint - Parco Natura Viva
  Go to the Conference Room @Sandri Room - SDG
14:00 Day 1st - Opening - @SDG
14:15 Ex-situ for In-situ and viceversa
Captive or wild studies? The importance of an integrated approach in the study of animal behavior
Elisabetta Palagi
15:00 Okapia johnstoni: from the exhibit design to the first okapi calf born in Italy
Gioia Gaiot & Renato Piccinini
15:15 Shake it off: releasing anxiety in a cooperative carnivore species (Suricata suricatta)
Veronica Maglieri et al
15:30 Animal Cognition in ex-situ and in-situ environments: the multimodal shift as evidence of mindreading ability
Luca Di Vincenzo
15:45 To be prepared for the Zoo World
15:45 The Erasmus+ project ‘International Zoo Conservation & Management’ – outputs, challenges and opportunities
Vaglio et al.
16:00 Coffee Break & Poster session
16:30 Zoo and Wildlife Medicine
The research project "Implementation of a toolkit for assessing the welfare of animals kept in zoos in Italy":
the state of the art and upcoming developments
Barbara De Mori
16:50 Birds of prey conservation: From Zoological collection to reintroduction and the emerging aspects of health risk
Mauro Delogu
17:10 Come si scoprono nuovi continenti?
La lezione del Capitano Cook

Proiezione di Luca Toledano
18:30 Icebreaker @Simba Self – Parco Natura Viva


Saturday, October 8

9:00 Day 2nd - Opening - @SDG
  Welcome from the Authorities
9:30 In-situ Conservation Session
9:30 EAZA standards for In-situ Conservation Project
Cesare Avesani Zaborra
10:00 Integrated Approaches to Research and In Situ Conservation at the Maromizaha NPA
Valeria Torti 
10:30 Conservation extreme: The European LIFE reintroduction project for the Northern Bald Ibis
Johannes Fritz
11:00 Coffee break & Poster session
11:30 In Action for In-situ Conservation 
11:30 In action for in-situ conservation – an overview of conservation actions supported by Fondazione ARCA in 2022
Tommaso Sandri
11:50 Developing the Mantella cowanii Action Plan and an Update on Research Activities
Devin Edmonds, Angelica Crottini, Franco Andreone
12:10 The impact of feral domestic animals on in-situ wildlife conservation projects in Romania
Alexandru Bulacu, Adrian Hăgătiș, Maria-Alina Alexa, Mariana Țînțărean.
12:30 From mission to action. Volunteers and educators raising public awareness on biodiversity conservation
Katia Dell’Aira, Marta Tezza, et al.
13:00 Lunch - @PNV
14:30 In Action for Conservation: Wildlife Trade @SDG
14:30 Turtle Island
Michele Capasso
14:45 PLENARY: Turtles in peril, global turtle conservation and contributions from Turtle Island, Austria.
Peter Praschag
15:30 Gut bacterial and fungal variations are associated with sex and habitat in wild yellow baboons (Papio cynocephalus)
Marina Bambi et al.
15:45 DNA metabarcoding as non-invasive tool for conservation of Seychelles Sheath-tailed Bat (Coleura seychellensis)
Caterina Spiezio, Paola Mattarelli et al.
16:00 Coffee break & Poster session
16:45 Wild Bird Conservation
16:45 Tyto alba back home
Giulio Carboni, Lucia Pezzola et al.
17:00 Workshop – Rescued bird release 
  In collaboration with rescue center Il Pettirosso, Modena
19:30 Social Dinner & Party - @Simba self – Parco Natura Viva 

Sunday, October 9

9:00 Day 3rd - Opening - @SDG
9:15 The Role of a Modern Zoological Garden                                                                                              
9:15 PLENARY: Zoos as indipendent scientific institutions: the relevance of history
Spartaco Gippoliti
10:00 The Zoo Ethical Reputation Survey (ZERS): a tool to assess the ethical reputation of zoological institution
Maria Michela Spiriti et al.
10:20 Beyond species: informal education to address global issues.
Katia Dell’Aira, Marta Tezza et al.
10:40 Consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on zoos and aquariums: assessing staff perception in Italian facilities
Ilaria Pollastri et al.
11:00 Coffee break & Poster session
11:30 Research
11:30 PLENARY: The happiness of chimpanzees: how can we measure the welfare of great apes in zoos
Jeroen Stevens
12:15 Similarities and differences in lemur vocal behavior: indri and diademed sifaka
Daria Valente et al.
12:30 The UIZA research working group: supporting and facilitating research in Italian zoos and aquaria
Francesca Bandoli, Giulia Agnolon et al.
12:45 Territoriality in neighboring ex-situ tigers (Panthera tigris)
Alessia Bertelli et al.
13:00 AIGZOO: tracing a new path for Italian zookepeers
Carlo Benciolini et al.
13:15 Group Photo & Lunch - @PNV
14:15 Ex-situ conservation for in-situ conservation  
14:15 Parco Natura Viva Guided Visit - Camillo Sandri and PNV Staff
16:00 Coffee break & Poster session @SDG
17:30 Closing session


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