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Venerdì 4 Ottobre

12:00 Registration
14:00 Welcome
14:00 SIVAE (Società Italiana Veterinari per Animali Esotici) Session
14:00 Michele Capasso & Davide Ianniello
  Parasitology: a one health discipline at the service of biodiversity conservation.
14:40 Marta Caselli
  Human activities negatively affect the health status of geladas from the Kundi highland (Ethiopia).
15:00 SIVASZOO (Società Italiana Medici Veterinari degli Animali Selvatici e da Zoo) Session
15:00 Marco Campolo
  Veterinary experiences "and not" during seizures and relocation of brown bears and other wild animals.
15:40 Maddalena Iannacone
  Echocardiography evaluations in giant Aldabra tortoises (Aldabrachelys gigantea) using training procedures.
16:00 Alice Andolfatto
  The “bald” lion: a teamwork success.
16:20 Coffee break and poster session
17:00 Veterinary Medicine Session
17:00 Magdalena Schrank
  Physiological pregnancy in a tiger affected by endometritis and benign mesenchymal neoplasm.
17:20 Rossana Cordon
  Case report: the use of fluralaner to treat sarcoptic mange in a captive brown bear.
17:45 Mauro Delogu
  Pathogens animal health implications in conservation programs: does climate matter?
18:30 Icebreaker
18:30 Telmo Pievani
  The new “House of Giants”: concept and narrative.


Sabato 5 Ottobre

8:30 Registration
9:15 Opening
9:15 Saluti delle autorità
9:30 Gloria Svampa
  Ex-situ populations: are they still valuable for the conservation of species recovering in the wild?
10:00 Sara Rota Nodari & Barbara De Mori
  Participatory approach – implementation of a toolkit for the evaluation of the welfare of animals kept in zoos.
10:30 Coffee break & poster session
11:30 Animal Communication and Behaviour
11:30 Elisabetta Palagi
  Communication and mimicry in social mammals.
12:15 Livio Favaro 
  Universal statistical patterns in African penguin vocal sequences.
12:30 Carola Leonardi
  Same problem, two species: phylogeny and ontogeny of learning in lemurs and in children.
12:45 Beatrice Sartini
  Behavioural analysis of the okapi (Okapia johnstoni).
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Conservation Education
14:00 Maria Antonieta Costa 
  Partners in learning: an approach to conservation education to act for a sustainable future.
14:45 Katia Dell'Aira  & Marta Tezza
  House of Giants: a new challenge for the education department.
15:00 Clara Caspani
  Stray dogs in Morocco: insights into human-animal interactions.
15:15 Francesca Bosco
  Young people for a better future.
15:30 H. S. H. Princess Theodora von Liechtenstein
  Green Teen Team – Responding to the climate movement.
15:45 Wilton Nsimango
  Connecting people with conservation.
16:30 Coffee break & poster session
17:00 The hidden biota
17:00 Paolo Trevisi & Camillo Sandri
  Gastrointestinal microbiota of the Seychelles giant tortoises.
17:45 Maria Satti
  Bifidobacterial occurrence in giant bats: the two new species Bifidobacterium vespertilionis and Bifidobacterium rousettii.
18:00 House of Giants - HoG
18:00 Tim Schikora 
  The giant otter – a prime example of conservation work of zoos.
18:30 Cesare Avesani Zaborra 
  Business plan of a new enclosure: HoG
19:00 House of Giants Visit
20:30 Social dinner



Domenica 6 Ottobre

8:30 Registration
9:10 In-situ Conservation I
9:10 Giovanni Amori
  Atlases as a tool for knowledge and management of fauna: the EMMA2 project (European Mammals on Maps).
9:30 Simon Bruslund
  On the action planning for Alagoas antwren and blue-eyed ground-dove considering ex-situ intervention in Brazil.
10:00 Francesco Rovero
  Mongolia snow leopard 2015-2019: five years of searching for the ghost of the mountains.
10:30 Coffee break & poster session
11:30 Cristina Giacoma
  Maromizaha Multipurpose Centre: 10 years of research, conservation and community involvement.
12:00 Claudio Ciofi
  Conservation biology and population management of Komodo dragons: a multidisciplinary approach.
12:30 Camillo Sandri
  Fabian, Julia & Stelvio 50: a troubled love story, a chick and a release.
12:45 Nicoletta Perco
  A life dedicated to nature: in memory of my father Fabio Perco
13:00 Group Photo
13:15 Lunch
14:15 Animal Communication and Behaviour II
14:15 Marco Gamba
  The study of animal choruses: old views and new perspectives.
15:00 Chiara De Gregorio
  Females sing it jazzy: sexual differences in Indri’s call combination.
15:15 Daria Valente
  Don’t skimp on their voices! Indris (Indri indri) vocal repertoire.
15:30 Valeria Torti
  The unexpected payoff of eavesdropping! Protecting animal communities via passive acoustic monitoring techniques.
15:45 Filippo Carugati
  The behaviour of the black-and-white ruffed lemur (Varecia variegata) in the Maromizaha forest.
16:00 Coffee break & poster session
16:30 Animal Behaviour and Welfare
16:30 Mara Gessini
  African penguins on the move: analysis of behaviour before and after the transfer to a new enclosure.
16:45 Francesca Vitali
  Welfare and social behaviour of orphaned African lions rescued (Panthera leo) in Kenya.
17:00 Elena Giulia Galardi & Martina Fabbroni
  Lion pride vs streak of tigers: comparison of two ex-situ networks.
17:15 Elena Mercugliano
  Sociality of ex-situ Aldabra tortoises (Geochelone gigantea).
17:30 Francesco Drago
  Social grouping and behaviour of captive leopards (Panthera pardus).
17:45 Giovanni Quintavalle Pastorino
  Investigating the social behaviour of captive polar bears (Ursus maritimus).
18:00 In-situ Conservation II
18:00 Adrian Hagatis & Alexandru Bulacu
  Reintroduction of species, from in-situ to ex-situ.
18:30 Johannes Fritz
  Return of the northern bald ibis: impressions of a European LIFE+ reintroduction project.
19:00 In campo per la conservazione!


Lunedì 7 Ottobre

9:00 Registration
9:30 ICZ (International Congress of Zookepers) SYMPOSIUM
9:30 Liz Romer
  The International Congress of Zookeeping
9:45 Joanne Richardson
  International Congress of Zoo Keepers 2021, New Zealand
10:00 Sara Steward & Lex van der Leije
  International Zookeeper Day (IZD), October 4th
10:30 Coffee break and poster session
11:00 Liz Romer
  The five domains of animal welfare and considerations in building a new zoo.
11:45 Raúl Cabrera
  SOS primates: an NGO created by keepers supporting a primate conservation project in the Democratic Republic of Congo
12:15 Elia Lunghini
  The second cycle of the A.I.G.ZOO
12:30 And the winner is...
13:00 Group photo and farewell cocktail