Programma preliminare


Sabato 1 ottobre

13:30 Registration
14:30 Opening
15:00 Conservation Education
15:00 Frasson D. - Comparing effectiveness of different wildlife films using a pedal power cinema in Sierra Leone.
15:20 Mattarelli P. - Cave and zoological park: comparison between mammal microbiota.
16:00 Coffee break
16:30 Righini R. - Perceptions and attitudes of local inhabitants towards Eulemur fulvus in the Island of Mayotte.
16:50 Bettin E. - Expert consensus and ethics to assess the welfare of captive and semi-captive African elephants.
17:10 Ferrante L. - Preliminary data on conservation mindedness in Safari Park's visitors.
17:30 Workshop I. Exhibit design: meeting (on) the animal needs.
18:30 Sunset Visit & Welcome Dinner


Domenica 2 ottobre

9:00 Registration
9:00 Welcome
9:30 Conservation Forum
9:30 Giacoma C. - The Maromizaha new national protected area: community involvement in management.
10:15 Rovero F. - The good, the bad and the ugly. A study of co-occurrence patterns of Siberian ibex, snow leopard and livestock in the Altai mountains of Mongolia: preliminary results.
11:00 Coffee break & Poster session
12:00 Gamba M. - Chorusing in the rain: influence of individual and social factors on indri song.
12:20 Fritz J. - Reason for Hope, Ibis eremita
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Examples of in situ Conservation Projects
14:00 Macale D. - Conservation projects in-situ / ex-situ of two endangered amphibians: Euproctus platycephalus (Gravenhorst, 1829) and Bombina pachypus (Bonaparte, 1838).
14:20 Forte C. - A project for reintroduction of confiscated Testudo hermanni in the Italian territory.
14:40 Da Rugna C. - Reproduction and restocking activities to reintroduce Adriatic sturgeon in its natural areas.
15:00 Hagatis A. - Comeback of the European bison in the Southern Carpathians.
16:00 Coffee break & Poster session
17:00 Special guest: Telmo Pievani - From Huxley’s garden to the zoological garden: deep links between in situ and ex situ conservation.
18:00 Workshop II. Animal Welfare: how to design an enrichment program (session 1).
19:30 Social Dinner


Lunedì 3 ottobre

9:00 Registration
8:30 Workshop II. Animal Welfare: how to design an enrichment program (session 2).
10:00 Coffee break
10:30 Animal Behaviour & Welfare I
10:30 Sammuri G. - Research in Italian national parks and the case study of the Osprey.
11:00 Placucci U. - Visitors effect on captive red-faced spider monkeys (Ateles paniscus) behavior during a zoo festival.
11:20 Ferrero M. - Great Apes wellness improvement through Play Picture Making Music Emotional Enrichment (PME).
11:40 Simeoni B. - Four chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes): from a human-like life to a good captive chimp-like life.
12:00 Animal Sociality & Cognition
12:00 Agrillo C. - Visual illusions as a tool to investigate how non-human primates see the world.
12:20 Caselli M. - Cognitive abilities in Lemur catta: a pilot study at Pistoia Zoo.
12:40 Musto C. - Genetic and health monitoring of the wolf (Canis lupus) associated with individual recognition.
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Veterinary Medicine & Genetics
14:00 Veterinary Authorities - Greetings
14:30 Cavicchio P. - Conservation Medicine and One Health: the role of Zoological Gardens.
15:10 Capasso M. - Veterinary medicine and biology of reproduction of reptiles.
15:30 Zani D. D. - Bone scintigraphy in a lame camel: a diagnostic step or just a technical virtuosity?
16:00 Coffee break & Poster session
17:00 Centelleghe C. - The possible use of unmanned aerial system in zoological parks.
17:20 Delogu M. - Pathogens ecology: serological prevalence of Aujeszky's disease in a wild boars population (Sus scrofa) managed and sampled in a Regional Park.



Martedì 4 ottobre

9:00 Registration
9:20 Animal Behaviour & Welfare II
9:20 Castiglioni R. - Ecological and reproductive traits of monk parakeet (Myiopsitta monachus Boddaert, 1783) in a colony in Bergamo.
9:40 Rabazzi E. S. - Cute and cuddly: assessing penguin welfare to promote ex-situ conservation of African penguins.
10:00 Quintavalle Pastorino G. - Role of personality in behavioral responses to new environments in captive Panthera leo persica.
10:20 Polastri C. - Parental care of a colony of greater flamingos at Parco Natura Viva.
10:40 La Cauza G. F. - Welfare assessment in spotted hyena: which behaviors could be the best indicators?
11:00 Coffee break & Poster session
12:00 Examples of European Keeper Associations
12:00 Wohlgemuth P. - History and role of the Association Francophone des Soigneurs Animaliers (AFSA).
12:30 Lunghini E. - Path toward the renaissance: the construction and the tasks of an association, Associazione Italiana Guardiani Zoo (A.I.G. ZOO).
13:00 Closing of the Conference
14:30 A.I.G. ZOO meeting (closed)