Tiger Project

The Siberian tiger, or Amur tiger, is a subspecies of Panthera Tigris and is one of the largest cats existing. Currently there are less than 500 individuals living in the eastern part of Russia, and a small number is found in China and perhaps in North Korea. Since 2019 Parco Natura Viva is active in the conservation of this species by supporting the conservation project of the Wildcats Conservation Alliance.
Parco Natura Viva is involved in the conservation of the Siberian tiger by raising public awareness on the protection of this species, and through an annual economic support to the Wildcats Conservation Alliance. This initiative is a partnership between the Zoological Society of London and the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation.  The Wildcats Conservation Alliance brings together 32 years of experience and funding for conservation projects both for the tiger and for the Amur leopard. Various conservation and monitoring activities of wild populations are carried out, always involving local community by implementing educational programmes and raising awareness in order to decrease also the poaching, one of the main threats to the survival of the tiger.
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The Amur tiger or Siberian tiger (Panthera tigris altaica) is a subspecies of the tiger Panthera Tigris and the IUCN Red List categorises it as “Endangered”. In fact, there are fewer than 500 individuals left in the far eastern part of Russia, and there are even less tigers in China and maybe in North Korea. In the 40s, the Amur tiger was at the brink of extinction counting less then 50 individuals still alive in the wild. This was due to the economic instability of Russia in those years. Then in 1947 Russia banned the illegal hunting of tigers, thus reviving the conservation status of this species. Illegal hunting remains one of the main threats to the survival of Amur tigers since the trad of the skins, bones, meat and other parts of the body is still high as they are used in traditional medicine.
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Parco Natura Viva has more than 30 years of experience in the management of tigers. In 2008 the European coordinator of the Tiger EEP decided to include Parco Natura Viva in the ex-situ conservation project and assigned to this facility some Amur tigers, one of the most threatened subspecies. After a few years a breeding pair was established: Luva, a female born in Zurich Zoo on May 2011, and Botsman, born in the same year at Moscow Zoo. In Summer 2020 Luva gave birth to her first cubs: Zov, Krai and Alina.
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Since 2019 Parco Natura Viva supports the activities for the conservation of Amur tigers carried out by the Wildcats Conservation Alliance. Furthermore, the Global Tiger Day is celebrated every year on the 29th of July. In this occasion various educational activities and games are organised and are focused on this species and on the threats to its survival.

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If you are interested in this project and you want to help saving the Amur tiger and its habitat, there are different ways in which you can contribute. By participating to the activities organized by Parco Natura Viva, such as guided tours, educational workshops and the Global Tiger Day, you can learn more about this species and the threats to its survival, also learning what behaviours to adopt in everyday life to protect their habitat. By adopting the park’s tiger you will directly contribute to help finance this project; but even with your visit to the park you will be able to make a concrete contribution to conservation, since a percentage of the value of the admission ticket is always destined to in situ conservation projects. Finally, by making other people aware of the problems of animals in the wild, you can actively help spread the knowledge and guarantee a future for the Amur tigers in their natural environment.
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