Jeep Safari

Jeep Safari Service


The ticket of Parco Natura Viva includes the safari tour on board of YOUR car.
If you don’t have your own car/camper to enter into the Safari Park, or if you’d like to visit the Park on board of one of our jeep - like a real Safari - you can drive one of ours (without driver).
It is an extra, paid service. The jeeps available through the online shop are 7-seater, with manual gearbox.




Pick-up point

Jeep Safari Service 
Hours: see availability on our Online Shop

€ 35,00 


Jeep Safari Service bicycle/taxi/bus*
Only at the cash box. See notes below.
€ 25,00  P1


(*) If you reach the Park by bicycle, taxi or local bus, you can ask at the cash desk to take advantage of the discounted service, subject to availability. It is necessary to show the taxi/bus payment receipt. Not available for purchase online.

What do you need?

- buy onlinewith your credit card, the Jeep Safari Service - you'll receive the confirmation email with a special QR code
- valid driving license to show to the cashier when you’ll pick up the car
- to respect the Safari Park rules that You will receive at the entrance of the Safari.
- Once purchased, the service cannot be refunded or changed to another date/time
- The vehicles offered as part of the Jeep Safari Service can only be used within the ring of the Safari section of Parco Natura Viva.
- The purchase of this service is conditional on possession of a valid entrance ticket or annual membership to Parco Natura Viva
- In case of exhausted web availability, other vehicles could be available on site. If interested, on the day of the visit, please contact the cash desks of the Fauna Park, to evaluate any extra availability.






What to do when You arrive at the Park?

Collect the Jeep at the entrance to Car Parking number 1 showing the purchase confirmation with appropriate QR code and the valid driving license.








Enjoy your visit!


Any questions?

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