We inform our visitors that:

  • Fauna Park - pedestrian area: the access is not permitted to dogs (and other pets).
  • Safari Park: you can keep pet animals on board of your car only if closed inside the specific pet carrier prescribed by the regulations in force.
  • Parking areas: leaving pets on board of your parked vehicle is strictly forbidden.
  • In opening days: SELF-MANAGED MODE FOR DOG AREA (for free)

The DOG AREA is available for the visitors in Self-managed mode (for free)

  • It is a fenced area hosting some dog boxes of different sizes, suitable for large-, medium and small-size dogs.
  • The area is located under the trees, next to the entrance to Parking Lot 1. 
  • The area cannot be reserved beforehand in these days
  • The dog box is available for the visitor, who can request his own key from the Parking Lot 1 staff. The visitor should supervise the key during the day and return it at the end of the visit, after pick up his own dog (within the opening time of the Park).
  • ID card will be required when picking up the padlock