Disabled people

Info for disabled people


Official rates for disabled people.
You can buy these special tickets ONLY at the box offices of Parco Natura Viva
Person with disability 100% FREE
Carer € 15,00
0-2 years old FREE
Child 3-12 years old FREE
Adult over 13 € 15,00
Carer Full price

A Park for Everyone: Accessibility

Over the years the park has been equipped with useful amenities to accessibility, usability and enjoyment of the structure through collaboration with Magy's, an interdisciplinary group of studies, research and consultancy.

The park is located in a natural setting on the hills of Lake Garda, which give the area its characteristic "wavy" look.

Parco Natura Viva is divided in 2 sections:
- The Safari Park: visit it on board of your own vehicle.
- The Fauna Park: pedestrian area. Most of the roads are made from stabilized and gravel. In some places the slope is greater than 8% and therefore it is absolutely recommended that visitors in a wheelchair are escorted . The percentages of slopes Park are shown in signs.


The P1 car park, free of charge, is for you. For those who have difficulty walking and have the Disability card, there are reserved the parking places closer to the road leading to the Fauna Park. To get from the parking lot at the Fauna Park there is a slope with a gradient of 11.5%
icona_euro.png     Entrance Prices
The entrance prices for disabled people is discounted or free of any charge, depending on Disability (request directly in Cash Point at the time of purchase).
For the accompanying person, the entrance ticket is discounted only if he accompanies a 100% invalidity/disability.
Discounts and special rates like this can NOT be purchased online, and will be recognized only at the cash point. If purchased online at full price for error, you cannot ask refund.
    Precedence at the Cash Point
In the days of greater affluence, you can make use of the Cash Point number 4, to avoid being long in the queue.
icona_mappa1.png     Slopes paths in Fauna Park
In Fauna Park there are signs that shows the percentage of slope of the paths.
Most of the roads are made from stabilized and gravel.
At the Cash Point you will also receive a master key that will allow you to access all the reserved toilets.
icona_ristorante.png     Picnic areas and Bar
In the picnic areas indicated Reserved tables for your convenience.
noleggio-sedie-a-rotelle-pg.jpg     Wheelchair 
At the infopoint you can take a manual wheelchair to visit the Fauna Park. (Availability is limited, it is not possible to book them in advance. To use the service, you will be asked identity card).




The accessibility of the park project is conducted in collaboration with Magy's



Magy's is an interdisciplinary group of study, research and consulting, from designing interventions that integrate cognitive and emotional aspects to make the scientific, cultural and environmental accessible and usable to everyone in terms of involvement of the existing, reasoned analysis and participation.

Recognize and break down cultural and architectural barriers is an advantage for everyone.