The link and cooperation with the international network EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria) is very strong.
For the management of specimens of endangered species we refer to the EEP (European Endangered species Programme) and ESB (European Studbook) breeding programs.

EEP (European Endangered species Program) - is a form of management for the species in the Zoo which are registered with EAZA. Each species in the EEP has a coordinator (someone with specialized knowledge of the species), who operates with the assistance of a Commission for the species whose task is to gather information and analysis for the compilation of a studbook and the formulation a plan for the future management of the species.
ESB (European Studbook) is a less intensive form of species management than EEP. The keeper responsible for a species collects information about births, deaths, transfers etc. from all EAZA Zoos holding the species and provides advice and guidance for the optimal management of the population.

Parco Natura Viva maintains the role of European Studbook (ESB) of the Ring-tailed Lemur species in Europe and provides guidelines about the management and handling of specimens for other structures which house this species.