The park houses two males of white rhino (Ceratotherium simum): Toby and Benno, both part of the European ex-situ conservation programme EEP. Toby has been in the park since the beginning and is over 40 years old, an incredible age for a white rhino! Since its arrival it shared the exhibit with a couple of hippos and its offspring. With some young hippos Toby was able to build a good bond, so that it can happen to see them play together. Benno was born in the USA in 1981 and just over 30 years old, after living in Salzburg Zoological Park, arrived at Parco Natura Viva in 2012, within the EEP programme. Parco Natura Viva was chosen by the EEP Coordinator of this species for its experience in managing white rhinos, and a new exhibit was realised for Benno in the Safari area.
prog-rinoceronte-3.jpg prog-rinoceronte-8.jpg prog-rinoceronte-9.jpg

The two rhinos are easily distinguished not only because they live in two separate areas of the park, but also because of the different shape of their horns: Benno’s horn has a rounder shape.