The Fauna Park is an amazing walk trough 5 continents to discover animals from all over the world.

As an European modern zoo, Parco Natura Viva-Garda Zoological Park is much more than a place to go and see animals. European modern zoos are dedicated to conservation of native and exotic species to ensure the survival of species in the wild and the continued good health of captive animals. Modern zoos have a great importance because they are involved in breeding programs, conservation projects, re-homing projects and so on. There are European different husbandry guidelines for different species with rules for minimum accommodation, husbandry, diet, management and other important aspects of the captivity. However, as modern zoos come from old zoos they need to renovate enclosures to give to the animals a captivity condition close to their natural habitat. Thus, from the past to the present zoos have continued to evolve into the modern day zoos are today. Attitudes towards animal welfare, attitude towards inter-zoo cooperation and established collection plans and priorities, all effects the rate of change and the nature of changes taking place in each collection. In the last 5 years especially in 2009-2010 Parco Natura Viva-Garda Zoological Park has been settling from gradual replacement of animal housing in order to have a total rebuilding with all stages in between.