In compliance with the PRIME MINISTERIAL DECREE


for your safety and the one of others during your visit at Parco Natura Viva


Recommendations to contain the spread of Coronavirus

Maintain the distance between people of at least one meter
If you have flu symptoms, stay at home and contact your doctor
Avoid gatherings
Wash and disinfect your hands frequently
Wear the mask always, as stated by the Ministerial Decree (kids under 6 years old and category specified in the Prime Ministerial Decree, culdn't wear the mask)
Do not touch your face, do not shake hands, and cough in your elbow

Parco Natura Viva has prepared all the prevention measures provided for by the regulations for the safety of visitors, workers and animals, but counts on the collaboration of all visitors for compliance with the rules and recommendations.

The staff at the entrance of the pedestrian area (Fauna Park) could measure the body temperature of each visitor with a special infrared thermometer with distance. Visitors with feverish symptoms will not be able to access the Park.
Visitors should wear a mask and disinfect their hands.

Loudspeaker messages that you will regularly hear during your visit:
"Dear visitors, we ask you to respect the safety distances imposed by the Prime Ministerial Decree, to wear a mask and not create gatherings. For your own safety and the one of the others. Thank you."

Flyer that you will find at the entrance together with a map of the Park to accompany you on your visit 




  • PARKINGcheck the parking rates
  • AUTOMATIC VENDING MACHINES FOR MASKS, GLOVES AND DISINFECTANT GEL in single packages: available in the area just before the entrance to the Fauna Park (limited to availability)
  • STROLLERS AND WHEELCHAIRS: the service is momentarily suspended
  • DOG AREA: the service is momentarily suspended
  • FOOD COURTS: check the opening times of every food court (click here). Food cours are accessible in compliance with COVID rules and with limited access to the maximum number of people allowed in compliance with the safety distance. Vending machines located inside the Fauna Park will be available to visitors
  • PLAYGROUNDS AREAS: Animaliadis' Playground, Manas Fast-Food's playground and Timbavati Bar's Playground will be accessible respecting the new rules of the Prime Ministerial Decree. Find out the playground Areas
  • BAZAR NATURA SHOP: accessible during the Park’s opening hours (from 10:00 am), in compliance with COVID rules and with limited access to the maximum number of people allowed in compliance with the safety distance. Find out the shop Bazar Natura

Your safety visit

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