"Animaliadi" picnic area

The Animaliadi (Animal Olympics) picnic area is situated 500 metres from the Fauna Park entrance, if you choose the crossroads on the right towards the Sentieri D’Africa (African Pathways).

It is quite large, and includes:
  • Picnic area with a lot of tables, outdoors or under comfortable gazebos 
  • Vending machines 
  • Playground for kids
  • It includes the Toilets area as well
ANIMALIADI Playground: new area with a lot of strenth, power and resistance proofs... Can you complete the track? 



animaliadi-2020-2.jpg animaliadi-2020.jpg animaliadi-2020-3.jpg animaliadi-2020-4.jpg
animaliadi-2020-5.jpg animaliadi-2020-6.jpg animaliadi-2020-7.jpg animaliadi-2020-8.jpg
animaliadi-2020-9.jpg animaliadi-2020-10.jpg animaliadi-2020-11.jpg animaliadi-2020-13.jpg
animaliadi-2020-16.jpg animaliadi-2020-15.jpg animaliadi-2020-14.jpg animaliadi-2020-12.jpg



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