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Menu for GROUPS 2024


Download the PDF: Menu 2024 


Changes on the Menus are not possible


- The menus are available from monday to friday, in working days - booking is mandatory!
- The menus should be consumed at Simba Restaurant strictly at 12:00 pm. Punctuality guarantees seats.
- Due to organizational reasons or at your request, the menus can be transformed into food boxes and can be consumed in the Masai tent area (near the Simba restaurant)
- Any changes to the timetable must be communicated and agreed in advance with the Simba staff.
- Any other product not indicated in the menus is to be considered extra and must be paid at the cashier at the moment
- The proposed menus are not subject to change
- There are no freebies
- Lunch reservations are non-refundable if canceled less than 48 hours in advance.
- Carefully consult the ALLERGEN LIST before purchase (LINK).