The Amur tiger or Siberian tiger (Panthera tigris altaica) is a subspecies of the tiger Panthera Tigris and the IUCN Red List categorises it as “Endangered”. In fact, there are fewer than 500 individuals left in the far eastern part of Russia, and there are even less tigers in China and maybe in North Korea. In the 40s, the Amur tiger was at the brink of extinction counting less then 50 individuals still alive in the wild. This was due to the economic instability of Russia in those years. Then in 1947 Russia banned the illegal hunting of tigers, thus reviving the conservation status of this species. Illegal hunting remains one of the main threats to the survival of Amur tigers since the trad of the skins, bones, meat and other parts of the body is still high as they are used in traditional medicine.
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