At the moment, Parco Natura Viva does not host any individuals of Seychelles sheath-tailed bat, however it hosts 11 individuals of Aldabra giant tortoises, 8 youngsters and 3 adults. Of the 3 adults, Bulbo is one of the most important individuals hosted by a European Zoological Park due to its high genetic value. Bulbo is huge: it weighs over 200 kg and it is about 100 years old. The other two adults, Roger and Priscilla, weigh a little less and seem younger. It is thought that individuals of this species can live up to 150 years. For the conservation project of the Aldabra giant tortoise, the exhibit, divided into two dedicated areas, one for the three adults and the other for the young individuals has been enlarged greatly thanks to the construction of the new area called “House of Giants”. The outside areas have become even bigger, and in the House of Giants the tortoises have two indoor areas that guarantee adequate temperature and humidity during the coldest months of the year.
prog-seych-alp-a.jpg prog-seych-alp-b.jpg prog-seych-alp-c.jpg