Every year, Parco Natura Viva celebrates the International Red Panda Day in September.


Parco Natura Viva supports the Red Panda Network project “Plant a Red Panda Home”, that will restore more than 32 hectares in western and eastern Nepal, planting over 32,000 trees. This project is part of the “First Panda Challenge” programme, which gives the opportunity to RPN partners to bolster their impact to the campaign, allowing to double their contribution.
With its contribution, the park will support the plantation of 1,500 – 2,200 trees.


The contributions collected during 2018 Red Panda Day support Red Panda Network’s great effort to stop the illegal trade of red pandas. Furthermore, it was possible to collect funds for the distance adoption of 6 red pandas for the following 7 years: Niyati, Tenzing, Pinju, Sita, Bhim and Sanju.
prog-panda-csf2018-1.jpg prog-panda-csf2018-2.jpg prog-panda-csf2018-3.jpg