Thanks to the important support of Thun, Parco Natura Viva was able to destine funds for the renovation of the area dedicated to the red pandas currently hosted, adapting the structure to all animals’ needs and thus increasing their welfare.
The renovation of the exhibit allowed to raise the bridge, facilitating public vision of the animals. The new flower vases on the sides of the path reduced visitors’ impact, allowing animals to hide. Furthermore, a new substrate was built in the exhibit and new trees were planted.
During the renovation, a webcam was installed inside one of the red panda’s nest and connected in real time with a monitor near the exhibit. This webcam allowed the observation of the baby born in spring 2014 while still in the nest, without disturbing either the mom or the baby. These images are very important because they allow the park’s research team to collect important information on the care of this species’ babies.
Parco Natura Viva has been breeding this species since 2003 within the European Endangered Species Programme EEP. The reproductive success that has accompanied the history of the management of this magnificent species has led to the birth of as many as 17 individuals.
prog-panda-alparco-1.jpg prog-panda-alparco-3.jpg prog-panda-alparco-2.jpg