Madagascar is one of world’s major biodiversity hotspot: even though it covers only 1% of the Earth’s surface, it is occupied by about 5% of world’s animal and plant species. Moreover, 90% of the species of this island are endemic, that is they live exclusively there. Lemurs are one of the most important examples of malagasy’s endemisms and they are declared the species symbol of the island. Nowadays more than 100 species of this primate have been discovered and they live uniquely in Madagascar’s rainforest. The risk of extinction of many of the endemic species of the red island is high, with almost all lemur species being in a critical situation. The main threats to their survival are hunting, bushmeat, which is the sale of wildlife meat as food, and deforestation both for the production of wood and the exploitation and impoverishment of the land which leads the human population to destroy forest areas to turn them into agricultural fields.
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