Every year, Parco Natura Viva celebrates the International Vulture Awareness Day on the 1st Saturday of the month of September and participates to the release of a griffon vulture at the Natural Regional Reserve of Cornino Lake in Friuli-Venezia Giulia.
In 1993 Parco Natura Viva donated a reproductive pair to the Reserve, so that they could breed, and then include the young born in the reintroduction project in the wild. In 2003, a griffon born in the park was directly released into the Reserve and was then followed, in 2005, by the first born of the reproductive pair. After a long period of laying eggs, without consequent hatching, in 2011 the second chick was barn and released in the same year. From 2013 to 2017 other 5 individuals were born and they were all released in the wild as part of the reintroduction project.


Within the project “Osservati Speciali” of the Natural Regional Reserve of Cornino Lake, Parco Natura Viva funded the installation of 2 high-definition video cameras, active 24 hours per day, and used for monitoring the griffon vultures’ feeding site.
grifone-csf-1.jpg grifone-csf-2.jpg grifone-csf-3.jpg