Parco Natura Viva is partner in a conservation project of the association Stiftun Artenschutz for the protection of the Nomascus annamensis gibbon. The project was launched in 2016 together with the Frankfurt Zoological Society and it was made possible thanks to the fundraising carried out by the zoo expert Anthony Sheridan. One of the goals of the project is to achieve a better understanding of the distribution of the population of this gibbon species in the National Park of Kon Kan Kinh, a protected area of about 42,000 hectares in the northern-eastern mountain region of Vietnam. Furthermore, the management of the Park itself is supported by the project, as well as the implementation of a monitoring programme of the gibbons.

The project carries out also educational activities with local communities in order to provide them a basic knowledge of the forest and of the conservation status of Nomascus annamensis so that hunting can also be reduced.