Parco Natura Viva hosts for several years a group of European bison. A few years ago, a new exhibit was built specifically for them, more suitable for the management of these animals within a Zoological Park. Throughout the years, the park’s bison bred several times and the new-born, once reached sexual maturity, were moved: some of them were placed in other European Zoological Parks, whereas others (6 females and 3 males) had the opportunity to be reintroduced in the wild, thanks to the adequate management adopted by the Park. In fact, the animals are managed in a “natural” way starting from the diet: from spring to autumn it consists of fresh grass, respecting the typical feeding of these animals in the wild and enriched with twigs of various plant species. Parco Natura Viva has joined the EEP European Programme for the reproduction and breeding of this species, in order to keep a high genetic variability of the population of European bison managed in the institutions of our continent.

Today the park hosts a couple of European bison, Lavinia and Arik, and their offspring.
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