For years, Parco Natura Viva has been supporting the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary within the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance – PASA with an economic contribution for the protection of chimpanzees. Furthermore, the park organises education activities for the visitors in order to raise awareness on the issues faced by chimpanzee in nature, and fundraising events to support the work of PASA. Every year the World Chimpanzee Day is celebrated on the 14th of July.
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In 2014, Parco Natura Viva had the honour of hosting Dr Jane Goodall as special guest of the 5th edition of the National Congress on Research in Parks, thus supporting the conservation of chimpanzee not only with a financial contribution to the work carried out by the Jane Goodall Institute for their safeguard, but also giving the opportunity to Dr Goodall to involve and sensitize the public on problems faces by this species in the wild.