The Pan African Sanctuary Alliance – PASA, through the establishment of rescue centres in Africa, takes care of chimpanzees left orphans due to hunting aimed on one side at the illegal trade of chimpanzees as pet animals, and on the other at the sale of their meat as food, phenomenon known as “bush-meat”. For years Parco Natura Viva has been supporting PASA through the financial support of a specific sanctuary: the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Sierra Leone. This sanctuary takes care of welcoming chimpanzee babies, nourishes and raises them, offering adequate veterinary care and, when possible, preparing them to be released again in the wild. However, since the root of the problem concerning orphaned chimpanzees seems to be the lack of adequate conservation education, there is a broader project that involves raising awareness and involving the local and national population to protect and preserve this species in its natural environment.
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