Every 4th of December, Parco Natura Viva, together with the Cheetah Conservation Fund, celebrates the International Cheetah Day. This date is the birthday of Khayam, the first cheetah raised by Dr Marker, founder of CCF, at the Wildlife Safari Park in Oregon, and then translocated to Namibia in 1977 giving the start to the path that brought to the foundation of CCF in 1990.
In May 2016 Dr Marker was invited by Parco Natura Viva to give a conference open to all visitors on the conservation of this species and raising awareness on the problems faced by them. Educational activities games were also organized to involve the youngest generations.
For the 2019 International Cheetah Day Parco Natura Viva, in collaboration with ARCA (Animal Research and Conservation in Action) Foundation, carried out a Christmas campaign “A cheetah under the tree” for the adoption on the species. Thirty-one were the adoptions made and all donations allowed the sponsorship of Dominic, an Anatolian shepherd trained in order to reduce the conflict between shepherds and cheetahs in Somaliland.
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