Parco Natura Viva hosts cheetahs since 2009 within the European programme for ex-situ conservation EEP. Today the group of cheetahs in the park consists of three individuals: Mookane, born in 2010 at La Boissière du Doré park in France, Lex and Nero, two brothers born in 2014 at the Royal Burger Zoo in the Netherlands. They live in a large exhibit in the Safari park full of plants, rocks and bushes in which they can hide. Nevertheless, it’s very easy to see them when they lie down on the high grass with only their heads up to control the surrounding environment: a very frequent behaviour seen in nature that allows them to remain hidden from the sight of potential preys.
Hosting a non-reproductive group of male cheetahs at the park is very important because it allows other Zoological Parks involved in the EEP programme to maintain stable reproductive groups, thus avoiding competition over females and guaranteeing a future to this very fragile species.
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