The pair housed at the park arrived in 2006 within the EEP. The male was born in 2005 at the Richard Faust Zentrum and is called Fabian, whereas the female Julia was born at the Nurnberg Zoo also in 2005.
In 2014 a new exhibit was built in order to make it more adequate for the couple, and this has encouraged more preening behaviour and nests building, although the first hatching of an egg took place only in 2019.
The management of bearded vulture pairs in a Zoological Park is not easy, especially during the breeding season. Males tend to be more active in the construction of nests and in defending the territory, whereas females allocate more time tending to the nest. However, both males and females display territorial behaviours around the nest against other bearded vultures, thus monitoring the couple’s behaviours is extremely important in order to guarantee their welfare.
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