Richieste per influencer

Accreditation requests for influencers/instagrammers

On this page, influencers (bloggers, instagrammers, youtubers, etc.) that satisfy the prerequisites indicated, can send their data, to the Park, to request a visit accreditation.

Accreditation requests must be received at least 1 week in advance of the date chosen for the visit.
Credits will not be granted for Sundays, public holidays, long weekends and the entire month of August.

The evaluation of the accreditation request remains at the discretion of Parco Natura Viva, and also the number of accredited people.

To obtain accreditation it is necessary to fill in the form below in its entirety, the Park will evaluate the request and, if so, will send the accreditation for the chosen date.

The instagramer / influencer undertakes to:
• publish at least ONE post on the feed (within 10 days of the visit)
3 promotional #SuppliedBy stories (with content sent by the Park itself)
at least 3 stories during the visit with TAG @parconaturaviva and @parconaturaviva.friends
• use of the hashtag #parconaturaviva in one's posts and stories

Complete URL (for example:
Min. 50k followers to request the accreditation
Pay attention to the restrictions above the page, thanks