Richieste per agente di viaggio


- Please send an email to
- the request should be send, by email, on the Travel Agency’s letterhead or from the email’s Agency contact and with the Travel Agency signature;
- Date of the visit (from Monday to Friday). You can’t ask the accreditation for Saturday, Sunday, holidays and the entire month of August;
- Type of interest and purpose of the visit:
• inclusion in the catalog
• creation of packages
• presale of tickets
- Who do you contact? Groups? Schools?
- Qualification/role in the agency of the applicant for accreditation
- Contact details of the Travel Agency
- Website of the Travel Agency

The evaluation of the accreditation request, for the travel agent only, remains at the discretion of Parco Natura Viva. A
ccompanying persons will be charged the current rate. After the visit, the Agency undertakes to send Parco Natura Viva updates (updated catalog, contact for ticket sales, etc.).

Data of the Travel Agency and info about the products;
Type of interest and purpose of the visit;

The request should be send, at least, 24 hours before the day of the visit.

Once we have valued the request, we will send by email the accreditation that will be valid just for the Travel Agent and for the fixed date. 
Other people should buy the full price ticket's entrance.
After the visit we are glad if you could send to Us a little report about the day spent at Parco Natura Viva.