Educational Department

Nowadays zoological gardens are places where people can not only see animals from all over the world, but also learn live a true educational experience.
Zoos have become centers for environmental education.
The Educational Department of Parco Natura Viva is more and more focused on becoming a real center for environmental education on a local level, with the purpose of offering educational programs and meetings to schools in order to promote environmental knowledge and make students aware of issues related to nature preservation.
Parco Natura Viva is a member of IZE (International Association of Zoo Educators), an association that organizes yearly conferences and meetings. At these meetings, member institutions have the chance to present all the most innovative initiatives in education and cultural entertainment for the visitors of zoological gardens.
Parco Natura Viva is also a member of EDUZOO, the Italian Association of Zoo and Aquaria's educators teamwork (UIZA).
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The Italian Association of Zoo and Aquaria's educators teamwork (UIZA)
International Association of Zoo Educators