You can find latest press releases from Parco Viva in the ITALIAN VERSION of this page.
Some articles are available also in english version below.

For technical information about press releases, please contact: Elena Livia Pennacchioni -  -   - T +39388.3216084
For accreditation requests (journalist, blogger and travel agency) CLICK HERE

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For accreditation requests by journalists and bloggers, follow the steps below:

Send an email to - from monday 8:00 am to friday 12:00 pm - specifying: the number of the Order of journalist's card, name of headline, the Service object you want to establish, the date you plan to visit the Park.
After that we'll send You an email with confirmation and we'll activate press accreditation.

It is granted just one accreditation to every blog and only to the author himself; send and email to - from monday 8:00 am to friday 12:00 pm - specifying the informations below.
Blog should have these requirements (You also should send to Us the blog's link for verification):
-  relevance to the Parco Natura Viva's visitor interest (tourism, naturalism, family services, amateur photography);
- verifiable activities on the blog at least two years, regular post's updates (the latest not older than 15 days from the request's date);
- Twitter account connected with blog and with recent updates of activity.
Parco Natura Viva  reserves the right to evaluate, according to its own criteria unquestionable, the eligibility of the request and will confirm to the applicant by mail.

Press releases in english version: